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miranda renner

Good Luck with the sewing. Don't forget to show us the finished product.

miranda renner

Good Luck with the sewing. Don't forget to show us the finished product.

jenny ress

Jamie, this sounds like a wonderful project. I'm sure your little one will treasure it.

I try to make at least one "handmade/from the heart" item for each of my children every Christmas & Birthday.

My hope is that they too will look back on these one day & know how much time, effort and love went into these gifts.

Happy New Year!


If there is anyone anywhere more perfect for product photography I don't know who it would be unless it were you! Your lighting and simplicity always catches my eye, its something out of Real Simple or Martha Stewart, you really ought to submit your images to them :) Beautiful, really.

Julie C Butler

I sew too .. but haven't in a few years! Photography seems to be consuming my life these days!!LOL!! Can I say this - the photo #1 is breathaking .. I just love it .. not to mention the fabric is absolutely gorgeous!! Great buy!!
Well - good luck with the new projects!!
Keep us posted!!
Take Care, Julie

Shelley Rankin

Oh I just love that material. good for you for attempting something new. I just sew straight lines. But I love to sew when I sit down and take the time. I am sure it will look fabulous in your sons room.

Love your work btw.


I am sure you will do great at getting back to basics what a fantastic idea.. and You are right the gifts I remember the most from Christmas's past are gifts that were handmade with love.. I wish you lots of luck and not so many stabbed fingers on your getting back to sewing endeavors.. Happy New Year


LOL--my first thought was how much it matched the decor in the room.

I sew occasionally, but not enough to replace my sewing machine when it broke a few years ago. Luckily, my daughter got a "toy" sewing machine for her birthday (from me!). I'm aiming to use hers. Sewing can be fun and very satisfying. :)

Jennifer Friddell

How fun! I love making handmade gifts. I am vowing to make handmade gifts for everyone next year. This year we gave gift cards for ease, but it was so impersonal and just didn't feel as good.

That fabric will be great to work with. I have a great quilt pattern that you might like. It's an easy star--building on the cute little Cowboy and Indian theme. And yeah, your product photography is beautiful!


seriously Jamie - you can make absolutely anything look good! Awesome photos, and I can't wait to see the finished quilt!


I'm in the middle of purging right now... everything we don't use is leaving the house.

Also wanted to say, I love the way you write... it's always so easy and entertaining to read.

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