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I read each and every last one and loved every minute of it! (well, not #11, but you know what I mean!!) I always wanted to try a "100 things" too!


I really enjoyed your list, Jamie! Its been fun reading such interesting things about everyone. :)


Hi Jamie, I've been one of your blog stalkers for a while now, lol. I really enjoyed reading your list.

The baked apple french toast sounds wonderful!!

I remember your post about the old fisher price desk, such a warm memory :) I still have mine all except for the spelling cards.

Memoirs of a Geisha is one of my favorite books too!

Thanks for sharing, nice to learn more about you!


Hey.. thanks for the list.. Wow.. feel like I know you better already.. and I read every single one.. I suppose I should probably do something similar, I just will have to think for awhile about it.

Have a great time In Hawaii.. cant wait to hear all about it


I LOVE reading everyone's list. Soo fun! Thanks for sharing - this is a great list! Have fun in Hawaii!!!

Leslie Jordan

This was a lot of fun to read! This is a great idea. :-) Thanks for sharing.

melissa deakin

this was SOOOOOOOOO fun to read, jamie.
i am now thinking of doing my own 100 list,
but not sure if i can think of 100 things
about myself...i'm pretty boring.
i did read the entire list.
very cool.


Hi Jamie- I've been stalking/reading your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. Thanks for helping me out with some questions on photography awhile back on 2ps-I wonder if I'll ever take great pics of my kids:) Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and bring back some warm weather to the area and drop some over in MN-we need it-you lucky duck:)Have a safe trip, can't wait to see pics.


Definitely one of the best lists I've read - thanks for sharing a little of yourself with all us stalkers. ;) Happy New Year!


I loved reading your list. I have been a stalker of your blog for a while now. It is nice to know so much about you now.


These are so fun to read. All these little bits about people who you've never met, but who you've developed preconceptions about. LOL. That accident sounded scary. Were you wearing a seatbelt?


Great List Jamie.

I love reading to and it has gone by the wayside of late - fiction that is- your blog and checking what your reading has inspired me to take more time for my reading...thankyou...
and thanks for sharing


What a great list! So nice to learn more about you. I've rented fraggle rock before too LOL!!

Have fun in Hawaii! We got married there two years ago and I'd love to go back!

Jenifer Samaha

Memoirs of a of my top five books, too. I loved the book so much that I've avoided the movie version like the plague....


I LOVED rags to Ritches! I wouldn't even answer the phone when it was on! And that's saying something! Great list!
Have a blast in Hawaii!

Julie C Butler

Awsome list .. I am so jealous - you get to go to Hawaii..
I so want to go .. can I come in your suitcase??
Have fun - take lots of photos (probably don't have to say that)LOL!!
Take care, Julie

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