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Jamie Schultz Designs

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melissa deakin

these are gorgeous!
my babe just turned one...if only i had these last year at this time.
is it wrong to send a second birth announcment when the child is one?


Jamie, these are beautiful, the best I've seen. I wish I had a use for them right now. I'll be sure to recommend these if I here of a need.

kathy p

jamie, these are beautiful! my favorites are the last two on the left! you're great at this designing thing! great work!


Jamie.. these are gorgeous.. LOVE Them.. wow..


Jamie - they look terrific. You should have no worries. :)


I'd be happy to send ya good vibes, but you certainly don't need them. These are gorgeous! Your hard work and planning really paid off! Beautiful work!


You did a *fabulous* job on these, Jamie. You've created a perfect variety of styles...soft, fun, etc. Makes me want a baby to use them for! :-)

Shelley Rankin

These are so great. You know I love them and can't wait to get them.

and those sweet potatoe muffins below look delicious! Must give them a try.


the designs are awesome!


They are just awesome!!!! You have nothing to worry about-they're beautiful.

Alana Lerwill

Love the new designs. My favorites are the ones with the vertical stripes down the sides. Good work.
I'm tagging you to list 6 things that make you happy. Pass it on to 5 more when you're done!



I saw your link over at 2peas and had to comment...these templates are absolutely beautiful!


awesome work Jamie! there is a pure element to these announcements -exactly the same as your photos- and it is extremely successful at conveying the emotion of 'new arrivals'! Way to go...

Julie C Butler

Jamie - these are absolutely gorgeous!!
Very nice - great work!!
I am sending the vibes your way!!

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