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Holly Brimhall


That's hilarious! I was quite concerned when I first found out I was having a boy, after growing up with 4 sisters. Fortunately, my boys haven't stuffed anything up their noses. My sister has three girls though, and they've stuffed things up their nose. Funny, funny! Thanks for sharing - it gave me a good laugh - and I need all the laughs I can get these days!

Jennifer Friddell

Oh wow. It could have been worse I guess. My mom taught Head Start for years and one of the little boys in her class had stuffed a dry bean up his nose. Not pretty, because he didn't tell anyone until it swelled up and started to sprout. Yes, sprout.

Too funny that your husband knew EXACTLY what happened. I bet you learn a lot growing up with four brothers. The mischief!


That's so funny... my oldest son put a piece of hard carn - the kind in large bird seed - up his nose... the bird had already had a go at it though so it was real sharp too. We were getting ready for the hospital when he managed to blow it out.

Now, this is the same child that spent a week in 2 different hospitals for swallowing a metal hair clip!


Thanks for the laugh and for giving me something to look forward to.


What a great story. My 3 yo had his first stitches a couple of months ago. I count that as his passage into boyhood. Hopefully not to much more of that to come.


ah yes. classic.

my 3 year old DAUGHTER shoved a pony bead up her nose. yeah, that required an ER trip.


I love that story...our neighbors came over Saturday morning with a gift four our now 4 year old son. When he opened it- he found a soccer sleeping bag...and the mom who brought the gift said she was going to get him a light-brite, but opted out because she said she would be devistated if something happened to our 11 mont old daught (chocking on one of the peices) After reading this, little does she know that choking for our baby girl would not have been the only worry! LOL!

I just love to read your write so smoothly!


LOL, wait until THEY stuff each other's nose..Yep, that's right and that's what's happening here.... Thanks for the laugh J. Btw I have no pc at home, so no hello, miss me yet?


Thanks for the laugh! It is so funny cause I could never see my 4 year old dd doing this- however I have a 16 month old son and I see this in my future - LOL. Funny story I have 3 little brothers and I remember my brother Luke putting a vitamin up his nose- my mom was going crazy and there were streams of pink vitamin comming out of his nose and then all at once he sneazed and it went flying- lol but that is not as funny as when he got the old bunt cake pan stuck on his head- but that is a story for another time- LOL Thanks for bringing back these memories!


Oh No.. thats so boy.. my son is 4 he wadded up a tissue and stuck it up his nose got it stuck then panic set in as he came running to me.. We had quick talk about shoving stuff up ones nose and why one shouldnt do it and I am sure its only a matter of time before its something else.. although he does ask frequently when you give him something new to eat if its something to swallow or something to spit out... Good Luck.. I have 3 boys and one girl.. so far we have had one broken arm one concussion one bad case of appendicitis (not that that is particularily a boy thing ) and the hits just keep on coming.


Oh my gosh that is such a hilarious story! I'm glad it turned out ok and gave you a funny story to share. I have two girls, so I would not have guess lite-brite up the nose, either!


too funny Jamie - I think most of us boys moms have stories like this. Ours was slightly different...when Parker and Keaton were about four & two, they were bathing together. We let them use the syringes we give medicine with to play in the tub. Suddenly, major screaming from both - Parker had filled up the syringe and shot it into Keaton's nose...I called my bro (the doctor), and he advised a trip to the er. Who knew that you could actually make a hole in your sinus cavity that could potentially lead to a brain infection? Thank God it didn't's a wild ride with boys for sure...but so much fun!


Melissa Mullinax

Ah, yes....I know this rite of passage well. LOL!


Okay Jamie, this story is too funny. Hillarious in fact. I'm a lucky Mom of 3 boys who have never stuck anything up their noses - not yet anyway. I suppose it is only a matter of time, eh?

Well, I'm glad you have such an awesome sense of humor about it!


Too funny! I'm sure we'll be pulling miscellaneous objects out of the nose at some point in the near future. :) TFS, and as always, your photographs rock!

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