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Friends..great friends...are amazing!! You're right!! What a fun treat for you to get to go scrapbooking and just unwind from life for a minute. Great pages, by the way! Glad you enjoyed your moment..

kelley frese

Friends are such a blessing. With out those special friends and time to get away life gets overwhelming. I'm so glad that you had the oppertunity to do something for your self.


Wow- that is one awesome friend!!! And I LOVE your pages! So glad that you were able to spend the day in a great way!!


Oh, how jealous am I! But oh so very happy for you that you got to not only be spontaneous, but that you were given an opportunity to do something different, and with good company too! It has been forever since I have been able to scrapbook and I was just telling my sister that I don't think I ever will again. At least it feels that way. Good for you! And I love your pages too.

melissa deakin

these are gorgeous, jamie!
what a great friend.
i'm so happy you had a great day
of scrapbooking.

Shelley Rankin

OH I wish I could bring myself to scrapbook again. Since HOF, I haven't done a page pretty much. Well a couple but that is it. I plan on returning to it for pure enjoyment but along came the photography and I have been too busy. Your pages and story make me want to have a relaxing day of sitting, cutting and gluing. Glad you had that chance. You needed it!


so glad that worked out for you to have a little break. :)

Jenifer Samaha

That is a great friend! And what great pages you did!

I'm excited because my dh is home for the first extended period since the beginning of January so guess where I'm going in a couple hours??? Scrapbooking!!!


Jamie, I am so glad that you were able to get away for a while. It really helps to take a break! I wish that I could come take one with you!!

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