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Holly Brimhall

Oh Jamie - I need you to come and visit my house. We need a little organization around here! So, when do you want to come to Phoenix? Ha ha! No really, good for you!

Shelley Reynolds

It does feel good to finish an organization project! We'll be moving n a couple of months and I can just feel all the little organizing that needs to be done.


What a great project Jamie!!

How long did it take? Any problems with the kids freaking out about a toy being moved?

paolo liloc

Ah order! Ah organization! Ah temporary fits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! :)

I did the same last night, and feel completely and utterly pleased about it! Happy spring tidying!


Alright, that's it. You HAVE to come visit. I'm an organizational nut too but I need some help getting ready to move. Feel like cleaning 4 bags worth of old clothes out of MY closet (hee hee)?

Oh, did you carve out a spot for a new lens!?!?!?

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