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Hey Jamie,
Sure hope you're feeling better - wow...nationally known? That must be thrilling for you - please remember us when you're famous!


Sorry..don't have any tips..but I did want to say Congratulations on your upcoming photo session! Can't wait to see the photos! :D Also..hope you get feeling better. You know..some people take advantage of not having a voice and let the kids and hubby wait on you hand and foot. (Hmm..that sounds like advice. :D) Get better soon!

kelley frese

Exciting about your session tomorrow, I hope you get your voice back. I feel you pain I had laryngitis last week. No voice one day and I sounded like a seal for a couple after that. I hope you get better quickly.


Isnt'it funny the ways our bodies find to remind us to slow down. I hope all went well with your photo shoot and that your feeling less stress soon.


Oh no! Good luck with your shoot! I know you said don't gargle but I lost my voice the day before my wedding in Hawaii. My minister told me to gargle salt water and it worked well enough to get my vowes out, but not much more! Talk about nasty though - ick! Hope your voice comes back soon!

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