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great advice for all of us! thanks for the reminder. hope you are feeling better soon.


yick! Asthmatic Bronchitis........LOATHE it. Right there with you. I get it about twice a year. Dr's swear I am a heavy smoker and a drinker and I don't do either. just unlucky I guess.

Albuterol through a nebulizer helps me tons! I can't "do" inhalers, just not coordinated enough!

Feel better soon!

Tera Windfeldt

I love reading your blog Jamie - it's refreshing. I'm taking your advice and quitting proofing for the night to go to bed.

Feel better soon!


I'm glad you're on the 'feeling kinda better' side of things. It's just awful to be sick. And..I'm so glad you posted this. Something I really needed to hear and think about today. :D Thank you! (and thank your Dr. Too! :D) Have a great, RELAXING weekend watching your little ones be little. That's the best cure for anything..:D


I feel like I am being told all of the time to slow down. I just don't feel 'right' unless I am doing about 5 things at once. However, once school is out and I can dedicate my "day time" to my business, I hope my evenings can be more relaxing. If I could just figure out how TO relax! At least before the bronchitis sneaks up on me too! LOL! Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on being at THAT point in your business!


It's so hard to rest! Even if you take a work break there's so much to catch up with around the house. And with kids ... don't doctors know that mommies can't rest. At least that's how it is for me. So, good luck trying to rest! I'm moving in a few weeks and there will be no resting here!!

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