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Kelley Frese

I am so glad that you are being rewarded for your faithfulness. You are one of my favorite photographers and your design work has been a blessing to me and my business.


you are truly an inspiration to us all jamie! in photography and life! i'm so pleased to hear that your photography and designs have been so sucessful! and that you have been able to support your cause.


I'm so thrilled to see you posting again! I missed your blogs. Every entry is so inspirational. It's wonderful!


'Wow' is an understatement to what this post says about you and your family. What an awesome thing to have happen in your life, and then to be able to reflect on it and see it as such a positive blessing. Thank you for posting..


I am also glad to see you back...
Sometimes taking such a leap of faith can seem so scary, but we have learned you ALWAYS get it back 10 fold. You can't possibly out-give Him. How wonderful to hear your story!


GREAT story. Thanks for sharing it.


Wow Jamie, what a post...You are one amazing lady, and you deserve it all!

paolo liloc

congratulations. what a great story. Thanks for sharing it!


What an inspiring story, Jamie.
Thank you for sharing it with us!

Congratulations on the success of your design business!

melissa deakin

that is such an amazing story, jamie.
thank you for sharing it.
you have amazing trust and admirable.


wow Jamie, what a wonderful story...thank you so much for sharing it with us!


Shelley Rankin

Ahhh Jamie, now I am thrilled to know that purchasing your templates helped you fulfill a much higher goal in life. One that you will be definitely rewarded for. Love your story, and love yoru template. Just sent another set out for my recent newborn shoot. Your have a true gift and it is good to see you giving it back!

Sue Thomas

Thanks so much for sharing this story, Jamie. It's always so inspiring to hear how faith is rewarded!


Hi Jamie, that is a lovely story. I have a Bono story to share also. 6 months ago I went on "1 vs 100" in Australia, up came a question:"If you were talking to the lead singer of U2 who would you be talking to?" Easy I thought, Bono...then came the ABC choices, Paul Hewson, Marshall Mathers and Norman Cook. "Oh" I thought, I don't know this, so thinking like I do, I thought "Bono is from Ireland" and thought of my Irish friend Nicola Cook and locked in "Norman Cook" as I knew Eminem was Marshall Mathers so that wasnt it. I got it Wrong, Bono's name is Paul Hewson! I missed out on $85,000. I had dreampt of starting my photography buisness for years but couldn't see a way to get the money. Our Bathrooms were rotting so I thought they were more important. Anyway, I had spent so long dreaming of wining some money on the show for the bathrooms and for some camera equipment that after the show and my initial disapointment I decided to borrow the money, the bathrooms could wait, and so Beautiful Moments Photography was born. Photography has always been my passion and after having children and doing the "right thing" I had forgotten about MY dreams and the things that made me tick. I am now a happier mother and wife because I am enjoying life and enjoying makeing other people happy. The moral to my story is that if it hadn't have been for Bono and the show maybe I would still be dreaming of it instead of living it.


Brandon Matthew

Nice post. Those shoes looks like my Converse All Star shoes. :-)

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