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February 10, 2007



These are stunning!


so cute! how much are you selling it for?? I'd love one made for my own little one, not to mention any clients I may have in the future!


Jamie Schultz

Thanks for the comments! The book templates are available for purchase for $35. This price includes both the boy and girl versions! Payment can be made via PayPal to kjschultz98@comcast.net. Just be sure to put Baby Book in the subject line!



You are always amazing....how awesome to have such a gift. On these templates, do you have them layed out as 10x10 , they look like 10x20- is that how they are set up, as a full spread or are the templates 10x10? I hope that is not too confusing, I was just looking at the samples and it looks as if there are three seperate speads within in grey bounding box-
I am thinking of using these for Asuka books


Can I still get this book?? I love it, so simple and clean.

Jamie Schultz

Hi all! Thanks for the kind words about the designs!! The book is designed to fit a 10x10 coffee table style book, but the page spreads are sized as 10x20 for print. This is a standard size for most book printers. Binding allowance is taken into account with the design as well so you don't need to worry about text falling in the seams.

The baby coffee table books will be included with the purchase of my birth announcements through the end of March.

Thanks again!!!

Cristina Navarro

I got my book template last night. I downloaded it at 9:00 PM and finished my book by 10:30!!! It was so simple and is absolutely beautiful! I know my clients will not be able to resfuse it. Thanks Jamie!:) It is exactly what I've been looking for.

PS All the words and saying you've chosen for the book.... perfection!


Beautiful Jamie! I love your style! Thank you for offering this!

Jennifer Owens

How do you get this printed up in a book. I get download template and put in your pictures but where do you send it to make it into a book? Thanks. Absolutely beautiful work by the way!


Are you still selling these? I want to buy a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff in the next month so I am making my list now, and wanted to add this to it. Please verify that 1) it's still available and b) if this price is still good.

Love your stuff.

Jamie Schultz

Yes, all of the products on my blog are still available at the prices listed.



I LOVE your designs - stunning. I have PSE6, will your templates work within that program?


Printing Specialists London

These designs are excellent!

Jolie Anne Photography

Hi! Who do you use to print your books?? Jolie

Shannon Archibald

Is this book also meant o be printes as is to Asuke books?

Suzanne Davis

Do these work in PSE 5?


Would you be able to tell me were the best place to print these. I am trying this out for the first time on a customer and wanted to make sure I know how..


jamie - are still in business. Can someone with absolutely no experience buy these books and use them


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