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April 16, 2007



wow jamie - your are amazing!!!


Hi Jamie,

I love your templates! I want to buy them all :D

May I ask how you present these to your clients?


These are great...something new to save for. I just bought your senior books and it's saved me a TON of work. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I literally want to buy everything you offer!


WOW! What an amazing idea!!!! I'm definitely saving up for this. Right now I bring along matted big images for them to see how cool they are and ESPECIALLY how 8x10s just do not cut it (in the studio business I think people got into the mindset that 8x10 is the big size that's obligatory to hang, kwim?) When they see my 16x20 they say, Oh man I have to have that! It has increased sales!

What sizes are the three across, if you don't mind me asking?


are the psd files compatiable with elements?

also, as i come up with more layout ideas are the templates flexible enough that i could add more utilizing what you started with? or would it simply be the 16 in the set?

Jamie Schultz

Yes, the psd files will work in elements. In terms of coming up with your own layouts...it is feasible, but it would require a decent amount of ps knowledge. Hope that helps!


just wondering how this package would be/may be a better purchase than the ordering essentials? thanks


Considering either this template or the Ordering Essentials. Mostly I'm interested in the wall display stuff (not the ordering guide) but unsure which product would fit my needs better. How do the wall display brochure differ from this template (other than it being a brochure).

Andrea Edge

I just purchased the essentials and was wondering if this is just an extended version or what was involved? I am new to your site so I am woking my way backwards.

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