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April 29, 2008



Thank you Jamie! This is exactly what I've been looking for-now to decide whether I want A or B! Are these sized for printing at WHCC? Also, what size is the tri-fold-5x5?


I really love this and I was also wondering if they were sized for WHCC?


Also, what are the dimensions of the Thank you card and Product guide?

Jamie Schultz

Hi Stephanie-
Everything with the exception of the postcards are sized to print through WHCC. The Thank You cards are designed to print as 4x5.5 in. folded cards and the product guide is designed to print as a 5x7 flat card. The postcard is sized as a 4x6 postcard which can be printed through places such as Overnight Print or Got Print.

Hope that helps!

Andrea Sorensen

These sets look great. So do you send this out all in one package to your clients? I ask because that's something I would like to do if I purchase the set but am concerned about the different size in the 5x5 trifold and the 5x7 product guide for mailing purposes. Or, do you give the trifold with the booking and the product guide at their session? Sorry for the novel but I'm trying to figure out how to use the set properly.


Jamie Schultz

I put all of the information (5x5 tri-fold and the 5x7 product guide) in an Envelopment and give it to my clients at their session. I do provide a link to where you can buy Envelopments and other useful tips with the templates.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks!


Hi. Very interested in your templates. I LOVE them all. I'm a new user to PS, and currently use PSE 6.0. I've had some problems with other templates and was wondering if you know the compatibility to Photo Shop Elements 6.0? Thanks.


I love the set and would like to know where you order the two albums that you offer on the product page, the Accordian Mini-Session Album and the Black Leather 30pg 5x7 Session Album. I love the idea of the accordian style brag book but can't find a nice one to offer my clients.

Thanks you for your time.


I love these products. I definitive need one set. I would like to know if the font and color can be change. What program will I have to make these changes? It is easy to change the pictures and put the info? Can I add my logo?

Jamie Schultz

Hi Paula-
You'll need Adobe Photoshop to edit the templates. The colors can be changed and you can add your logo. There are detailed instructions on how to enter your images into the templates.

Hope that helps!


hi jamie!
quick question: i need a gift certificate to match this set... how easy would it be to do a "save as" on any of these to create one? not sure of the size and i'd have to work on the verbage. i am a total rookie when it comes to photoshop graphics - just good at the photo editing. would you by chance have one to sell as an add-on that would be in a WHCC size? oh, wait.. maybe i coudl use the thank you card and change the inside? hmmmm...
thanks ever so much!

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